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Every industry will reach a tipping point where digital capabilities and agility become a matter of survival.

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We work throughout all areas of your organization.

Digital Transformation

Unlock new business values through the blending of human and digital capabilities.

The secret to success in digital transformation is that it is incremental, cost-effective, and sustainable over time. Part of our approach is aligning people, processes, and technology with business outcomes. By taking this methodical approach, your organization will build capabilities, embrace digital transformation and achieve better results.

Customer Experience

Discover new opportunities, improve the interaction of your customers with your company, and reshape your strategy to make it more useful, usable, and enjoyable from a customer point of view.

We want your customers to achieve an emotional connection with your product and company. Customer Experience is designed to motivate and delight your clients.

People First Culture

Make the transition to a “people first culture”. Our approach is to maximize internal building capability and develop your talent.

At Pyxis Consulting, we believe that HR is at the centre of an agile transformation, and more importantly, it is the transformation of “people” which requires comprehensive effort.

Discover new ways to boost culture positioning and change as well as talent and capability building in digital transformation.

Our focus:

  • Help people become the leaders of change because they are the core of every organization.
  • Improve productivity and increase innovation by securing your IT structure.
  • Focus on achieving business values and results.
  • Make an impact on entire organizations by increasing visibility and removing silos.
  • Take a step-by-step approach by staying structured and by being mindful of business priorities.
100% of customers are people. 100% of employees are people. If you don't understand people, you don't understand business.

Simon Sinek

Our 5 steps approach


Understanding vision, goals, pain points through a diagnosis

Road mapping

Building a clear and detailed roadmap to implement change

Frontrunners pilots

Commit, then do meaningful enough pilots to create momentum and capture incremental value

Capability building

Knowledge transfer buy building internal capability for autonomy


Larger scale integration

We tweak and adapt to constantly evolve and become more efficient. Maintain focus on vision and results to make sure they are communicated and embraced by everyone.

Benefits of an effective organization

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