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20 years of creating value and helping companies evolve with their structures and delivery practices.

What governs us

Our values and principles guide our ways of operating, our activities, and our decisions. We adhere to the values and principles of the Agile approach to human development because it enables our clients to explore and rapidly launch prototypes. This approach constantly tests and validates the best ideas and practices in the field.

Our philosophy is reflected in our ambitions and our daily commitment.

We help organizations become places where results, life balance, and fulfillment co-exist sustainably by being a leading example of the success we offer our clients.

The Pyxis story

Pyxis was founded in September 2000 after computer engineers gave serious thought to the market’s conventional approach to software development, and more generally, to the very profession itself and the impact it has on culture.

Since its inception, Pyxis has been involved in the research and experimentation of Agile practices, cutting-edge development approaches and focusing on human and business values. We were convinced that an organizational culture married to agility would allow for the development of innovation and commitment. Pyxis was convinced that great collaborations are possible between all spheres of activity for organizations that adopt this new mindset.

Not only has Pyxis been experimenting with this approach itself, but it has also transferred its knowledge through its three pillar services: training centre, software development, and end-to-end consulting services.

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